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Thank you to the following resources for the use of their shared images on this blog:

Fire image:

Various texture images: Friendbrook Meadows

Textures from SophieG*:

Texture images from JoesSistah:

Background images from Abby Lanes:

Background images from Heeding the Muses:

Background images from SpongeMonkey:

Background images from Leia Speia:

Background images from Andy Arthur:
 Background images from Tony Tran:

Background textures from Paree Erica

Background images from Brett Jordan:

Background images from BlakJakDavy
Images from Najeeb Khan:
Images from Pink Sherbet Photography:

Images from Harold Lloyd:

Images from NOAA's National Ocean Service:

Images from ZoomBoy:

Images from Daniel Petzold Photography:

Images from Rega Photography:

Images from Daniel Petzold Photography:

Images from Zuhair Ahmad:



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